Thursday, August 14, 2008

Simple Pleasure Thursdays

Cory Writing....

I didn't think about this until after I blogged already, but I am going to start a new weekly tradition that I hope all of you will participate in.

If you live in Maryland and you have ever listened to 93.1 WPOC and heard Laurie Deyoung's morning show you will know what this is. Every Thursday she does Simple Pleasures and that is what I want us to start doing.

Here is how it works. Every Thursday I will give you my simple pleasure and then you leave a comment with your simple pleasure. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it is your simple pleasure.

My simple pleasure today is The Olympics and the competition of the Olympics. The fact that most of these athletes are truly only doing it because they love the sport and love the competition.

There you have it now please share yours with all of us.


- Sarah :-) said...

OOh Ooh... ok. Umm... My simple pleasure this week is clean clothes. Sounds weird, but Kyle and I just did a lot of catching up on Laundry, since we've been so stinking busy lately, and it's so nice to have ALL of your clothes smelling fresh like dryer sheets.

Don't judge me, people. It's a good one - who DOESN'T like the smell of dryer sheets?

Brittany said...

My simple pleasure for today would be grilling out. Since we have gone two years without our own grill it is nice to be able to grill again. And tonight we are grilling chicken wings! Yum!

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