Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hmmm sweet ideas.

April writing...

I came across the greatest idea on this blog Hostess With The Mostess. My mind started going crazy thinking about the endless possibilities...not like they left any ideas out with this though! You see every year my church has a Ladies Tea in September. Women sign up to be a Tea Hostess. They are responsible for designing and decorating their tea table. So...*you see where I am going with this right?*

I have never been able to find a theme that I really LOVE...but as soon as I saw this, I was in love!! I am so excited. So start booking your seats at my table now... :) teehee

So the theme is The Sweetest Thing...(and I might find a way to biblicalize it all up, as most ladies do with their theme titles.)

Let's look closely at some of the small, but oh so colorful and great details.

Above: See how tall hurricane vases were used and filled with colorful candy? And what about the giant piece of wrapped candy (made from a paper lantern...genius!) Then they used Jones soda bottles as vases for the flowers (close up later)

Above: On this one they used a flat wrapped piece of candy as the place mat..and the menus are just too cute.
Above: I loved how they wrapped candy necklaces around the stem of the wine glasses. And I am not sure what those cups are made out of in the bottom right hand picture, but they are CUTE!
Above: Some of the favors were brightly colored notepads with the saying "Kind words may be short, but their echoes are endless." and a close up of one of the hurricane vases filled with lemonheads for a punch of color!
Above: Here is the close-up of the Jones soda bottle vase. And they even kept the colored soda in there for more color!
I am SO down with doing this? Britt & Terri, feel like co-hosting with me??? Maybe we can be super cool and do a double table cause we have so many colorful friends to invite!!!
Anywho...too excited. Got one whole year to plan!
Another exciting thing I found as I was "blurfing" today. (yes, I made that up...or at least I think I did. It is Blog Surfing...haha) How adorable are these little babies?
So I am going to use them for something...waiting on a verdict for an upcoming 'something' or possibly keeping them for the tea table...who knows, but they are Ahhh-mazzingly cute. That's about it for now. Until I find MORE coolness. Later Gators.


- Sarah :-) said...

Dude - if they arne't game for hosting, I might be!!

And DUH!! Bible-it up with the verse hiw name being sweet as honey on our lips. :-P

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! You're going to have tons of fun with it (: My church does something like that. A tea party thing, but it doesn't seem as cool. I like the use of Jones jars. Pretty spiffy!

Terri Peters said...

CUTE! Do I get to be invited to sit at your table?

Mommy B said...

I LOVED this post! It made me think of the possibilites for our "Daughters of the King" banquet. Thanks!

Brittany said...

I would totally do the table with you.... just depends on what time of the month it is. Normally it is later in the month which may cause a problem for me if I am in the hospital. Lol!!! (And yes, I am in love with the cupcakes and I think we should try making them this weekend to see if they really are that easy)

MrsKristinClark said...

I want a seat at your table! Too cute!

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