Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Im Looking forward to.

Cory Writing....

First of all I would like you all to notice I am on a roll with this blogging thing.

Second think after all the nice things I said about my wife, she goes and lies to me. She made me read her blog today and I told her I didn't want to because I read it at work, but she made me and said I will blog again. That is where the lie comes in she didn't blog again, so here I am left with nothing to read. HMMMMMMMM.

On to more important things like my blog. I have several thinks that I am looking forward to. The first thing is this weekend. As a youth group leadership we are going away for a little bit of planning, team building exercises, and a lot of fun. It should be a great time, plus I get to hang with my two favorite people (no offense meant to anyone else) Jason and Brittany. I feel like I haven't hung out with them in forever.

The next thing I am excited for is teaching my leadership class. I am teaching a leadership class at church for our youth peer leaders. I am really excited about doing this because I think it is going to stretch me, but in a way that I am excited to be stretched. You see I would love to teach classes, but it kind of scares me. So I am trying to overcome my fears and I am excited about it.

The next thing that I am excited for is a long term goal, but hopefully not that long term. My wife and I have sat down and made a pact that we are getting debt free and I mean it.... does anyone want a peanut. We have a plan and we are putting it into action and soon we will be free from the chains of debt. Rock on with our bad selves. I can't wait for all the people we will be able to help and all the things we will be able to do for others. (Anyone asks for a handout in your comments you will be taken off the help list ha ha).

So those are the things that I am looking forward too. Oh by the way before I go 1443 days till Jason, Brittany, April, and I go to London for Olympics 2012.

Until Next Time Peace, Love, and Hair Grease.


April E. :) said...

Ok #1 - I DID try and blog again...if he paid attention Cory would have seen my DRAFT saved becuause BLOGGER certainly wasn't prepared to upload it for me...anyways!!! yeah for the Olympics, this weekend, being debt free and...your class baby!! Lots to come!!!

Brittany said...

I am really excited about this weekend too AND hanging out with you guys! It is going to be a blast.

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