Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Work it out Girl, work it out.

April writing...

So I did my second "Easy Pilate's" work out last night. It is only 25 minutes of some of the basic moves, but for me it is enough for now. I will slowly move my way up to the 35 minute one, then onto the 45 minute one. The pose above...that was the hardest and easiest pose to do. I know you are thinking that doesn't make much sense, so maybe if I say it like this. It was strenuous to do, but I actually did it!! Like I didn't falter at all...now my insides were shaking from holding my "powerhouse" so tight...but I did it!!

Cory promises that he will start doing the Pilate's with me on his next set of days off. So I am glad that I have till Sunday to perfect the poses so I look like a pro when he is rocking every which way during his first workout like I did! I am also gonna need to get a mat. I used a blanket last night (cause we have hardwood floors) and that was just an invitation for my dogs to lay next to me as I was trying to do the exercise. At one point Pickle laid under my head while it was up and when I came down I had a nice pillow and Olive tried laying on my legs; but that wasn't gonna work for me. So sad to say I had to lock the pups out for the duration of the Pilate's session.

My plan/goal/challenge is to do this every day at some point during the day for two-three weeks, then bump myself up to the 35 minute workout. That will be of course if I feel comfortable enough. I really want to master the basics before I move up...there is really no need to progress too fast.

I will also be hitting the treadmill again, three days a week. I am gonna try and do the "Couch-Potato-to-5K" workout. I really want to get my legs into shape again. They used to be my best feature (according to me) and they are well...let's just say they are lacking in that department currently. With my 34 pounds gone...there is a little bit extra all over, but especially in the thigh department. So that needs some work.

I have to kick my boo-tay back into gear this Wednesday. I weigh-in and start my 33rd week on Weight Watchers. I have hit a wall, but it's been my own fault. I have been slacking at tracking my points and kinda getting dangerously bored-snacky. I just want to get myself under 200 and keep it there for a while...of course going even further under that goal would be nice each week. I am currently hovering around 201...and I am over it. So BUTT...you are on notice, a good kickin is headed your way!!! Be ready!!

And congrats to my Mom who also bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers!!! I think it will be great for her too!! She lost 2.4 (hope I got that right Ma) after her first week!! YEAHHH!!! Also, congrats to my birthday bro Dave, he has lost 15.6 pounds after I believe one month with WW!!! It's awesome!!!

So here's to GOALS and CHALLENGES and VICTORIES with both!!!! Talk to you soon!! (it's feeling like a long day today so I will most likely be back!!)


Terri Peters said...

BB, you go! You go!

Brittany said...

Keep up the good/hard work. Before you know it, your muscles will be leaner and sexier. Lol!

- Sarah :-) said...

Aren't you LOVIN pilates?! I remember when I tried to get you to do it - you said you'd watch, but not join me. ha ha. Need a pilates partner a few days? Let me know. I need someone to push me!! PLUS... the mats aren't too expensive. You can pick up a nice one at Walmart or Target for pretty cheap. That's where I got mine!

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