Friday, August 22, 2008


April writing...

Cory mentioned this movie to me on Wednesday after seeing an advertisement for our church going to see it together the day after it opens. I thought it may be kinda cheesy, but then I saw it was made by the same people who made "Facing the Giants" which I too thought would be cheesy, but it turned out pretty good!

So here's the trailer for it...Check it out!

I think it looks awesome...and it's a challenge to truly Fireproof our marriages. I am in for seeing it...however I can't make the showing with my church on the 27th due to a "scrapworthy" scheduling conflict...But I am in for scheduling a time to go see it on the Friday it opens, the 26th. Anyone want in?? I am going to find out where it is showing...and barring any late births for Miss Tessie Harris we can go see the movie together! So let me know!!!

In other news (oh I will just never get over the giggles when I say that!) Amazing Glaze last night was loads of fun...again. And I didn't make a flower pot as previously mentioned. I actually made two candy dishes for my LR that match the plate I made at the June ladies night. I am quite excited for them and my fingers are crossed for no 'glaze-issues' this time :) Here are some things we learned last night:
1. You CAN eat too much bread.
2. Dana is really Rachel.
3. Trying to line up tile blocks on a tummy doesn't work so well.
4. Two T's are better than one...especially if one is a baby t.
5. Never lose your receipt.
6. Amazing Glaze girls get amazingly frazzled when customers do #5.
7. Cinnamon Scones are from Baby Jesus.
8. Don't use the lizard stencil.
9. Adding dots to any design makes it super snazzy.
10. A fun night out with the girls is worth looking forward to!!

Looking forward to next time!!!

Ok I am gone for now...Google Reader has just notified me that I have 4 new blogs to read. So I am off...and I may be back :)


- Sarah :-) said...

OH NO!! Was that last night? Aww MAN!! I totally missed it!!

Brittany said...

I don't know why, but I totally started tearing up at that trailer. I need sleep. Lol! The movie does look great and I can't wait to see it..... whenever that is. Hopefully it will be out by Christmas on DVD I know some people who need it.

Nikki Jomidad said...

I want to see it!!! AND, I'm off that day too! What movie theaters are between Harford County & Anne Arundel County?! LoL

Terri Peters said...

I ate too much bread on Friday afternoon, too. Oh, my tummy.

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