Thursday, March 12, 2009

April asks, What about Photography?

April writing...

How do you take pictures? Are you self-taught? What kind of camera do you use? Do you take pictures to print, to scrapbook, to blog?

Let's talk photography!

Me personally, I have ALWAYS been a picture person. Growing up as a teen, oh soo many (like 10+) years ago, I loved putting pictures ALL over my walls. I couldn't wait to get back from an event with the youth group and print my pictures. I remember having to wait to send in my mail order film (Mom used Clarks). It would take nearly a month to get my pictures back. But as soon as they arrived...those puppies were taped up all over my walls!

I've gone from that...then into the frame that my dear Husby just loved, didn't you baby?! (sike!) He said frames were I have resorted to hanging them all up.

Then came the scrapbook phase...oi...that got pricey. Then the era of digital photosharing...where I am currently residing.

I haven't in fact scrapbooked (with real paper) since my crop with Terri back in...Jan?? I have digitally scrapbooked...that's tons of fun...but then I can only share them digitally, I have only printed one page, and that doesn't serve quite the same pleasure as the real thing!

I adore my camera...I use a Canon PowerShot SD850 IS. I drool constantly over other cameras like the Canon EOS Rebel XS or the Nikon D40. (but those little babies are WAAAY too far out of my price range.) I don't really like printing pictures at home, cause the ink costs way to much (usually) and I don't have the best grade printer...(despite my husbands best efforts one Christmas to get me a picture printer) so I turn to Shutterfly and Snapfish for my prints. Cheap, Fast and Easy. That's how I roll.

I love learning about how to best use lighting, how to angle my pictures and what to take pictures of. I feel that my design eye is ever evolving and I can't wait to see where it will take me. I have like 12 blogs on my reader that are solely devoted to photography blogs...people that take them, people that have good pictures, etc.

This has also pushed me into the Photoshopping phase. Oh how I love Photoshop...I actually prefer Photoshop Elements, but that's just cause it is easier. I am trying my hand at mastering simple tasks in "big-boy" Photoshop, but sometimes my patience wears thin.

I'm rambling.

I love all things Photography. Basically because I love the end result...a memory...sometimes one sitting right there in your hand. Bliss.

So what about you? What about Photography?


Cory E. :) said...

Photography is an inconvenience to me, but I love the result. Thanks babe for saving our memories.

- Sarah :-) said...

I LOVE it and wish I was way better at it, but I don't have time to expand on all of these hobbies I'd love to have!!

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