Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jon & Kate...more reality drama??

April writing...

I think it's happening...the great downfall of Jon & Kate Gosselin. I have been doing some reading since the last post about Jon & Kate, whom the press and fellow bloggers have now name "Kon." It seems there is a growing population of haters. Speculation of infidelity on Jon's part. Greed, Cancelled speaking engagements, more family estrangement, etc. It's not looking good for them. Their show is now being called a "dangerous distortion of childhood and parenting." Ouch.

Who knows what's true and what's false. It's all just so sad.

I know that Kate can be a bit of a witch to put it slightly nicer than some of the haters (who are being referred to as the K-aters...gosh aren't people creative!?), and I have seen (on the show of course) how Jon can poke fun and push her buttons, playing the insensitive and slightly-less-mature version of a supporting husband. Then there are the 8 children running around, 6 of which are only 4 years old. I am sure it can get frustrating, difficult and tiring; especially for a Mom with higher-than-normal OCD tendencies to work with.

However the downfall here, and in most people's minds seems to be the GREED aspect of the show. They went from a teeny-tiny house, to a slightly larger house to accommodate their growing family, then they were able to make changes to that home, using the TLC paychecks they were receiving (as if they shouldn't be paid for airing their lives on TV?!), fast-forward to now; they have been blessed(?!) to purchase a 1.13 million dollar home...with more than enough space for their family of 10 to run around...and even to add two puppies to the mix. All on the dime of the fans and TLC. Whether it's money from speaking engagements, book sales, TLC shows,'s money they have been paid to publicly showcase their family to the rest of the world. And let's be's not like this hasn't been done before.

We have The Duggars, The Roloff's, and The Hayes Families.

One might say that the trouble is rooted with TLC and it's fascination with following these types of large families...then it blooms into our societies growing fascination with large families. You can really blame TLC if the ratings are through the roof...we ARE the ones watching...we ARE the ones, in a sense, who are paying their bills.

Am I ok with that? At first, yes...yes I am. Why not?! However...when I hear of instances of greed, such as in the apparent case of the missing Aunt Jodi. (I know you are thinking to yourself...'yeah, why haven't we seen Aunt Jodi this season?') Well there is a story floating around, answering that very question. Then I read about cancelling speaking engagements because God has told them not to go. I always get a little itchy when someone uses God, especially when speaking about making money. I it just me?

Gosh...I am at a loss. These kiddos...Aiden, Collin, Joel, Alexis, Leah, Hannah, Cara and Mady...we have all grown to love watch them grow. It's sad to think that greed may have gotten the best of Jon & Kate Gosselin and these sweet little children may be serving as mommy and daddy's meal ticket.

The truth will come out in fact...this seasons finale will air on Monday, March 23rd...and through the previews it seems they want us to believe that they will speak of some marital drama...then could just be TLC dragging us on. Either way, I will be watching. Let's hope for a cut back in the schedule or even some marital counseling...either would be helpful for a family that as it seems may have been sucked into fame without the best ways to cope with it's harsh realities and temptations.

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