Thursday, March 26, 2009

Simple Pleasure Thursday.

Cory Writing...

My simple pleasure for this Thursday is sharing quality time with my wife just talking. We have been like two sail boats passing in the wind lately, so it is making me desire some quality time just chatting with my wife. I enjoy our time spent together and I am off this weekend so we will have to make time for this.

What is your simple pleasure this week?


April E. :) said...

...sometimes are my simple pleasure :)

- Sarah :-) said...

My simple pleasure is being on the same schedule as my McStudly. For the first year + of our marriage, we were ships passing in the night... it adds SO much stress to your relationship! So finally being on the same scheduled for more than just week I feel has really done wonders for our relationship. It's been awesome to have my best friend around all the time again. Even if he was sickly this past weekend.

Can I do another simple pleasure? Health and military health insurance. Period. I think it needs no explanation.

Becky said...

My simple pleasure...would have to be the peace of God that can so quickly surround me in times of stress. It's that and the ability to go into another room and just "scream"...when I say, "scream" I of course mean the kind that is silent to the world around you but very vocal to your spirit. If that makes sense, I honestly think we need it sometimes.

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