Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a little PIZAZZ...

April writing...

Hopefully by now you have been following our Bathroom-Re-Do. I was struggling to find the perfect new fabric shower curtain...but I finally did it. I went to Target and found two that I really loved! Here they are from the Target website. The Baroque Shower Curtain and the Pansy Shower Curtain. I brought them both home, hung them both up (showing half of each) and then I let Cory decide. I honestly thought he would shoot both of them down immediately. And he basically did shoot down the Pansy one pretty quickly...which was good, seeing as how I really loved the Baroque one...

So it was decided...we added the Baroque shower curtain to our new bathroom re-do...here it is.
(sorry for the crappy picture...my camera was in the other room with a dead battery and I was too lazy to get a new battery and take GOOD pictures! ha!)

It's all SO very exciting!! THEN to top it off, months ago I bought some of Stampin' Up's Decor Elements. I wasn't sure where I would exactly use the white flourishes that I bought (originally for the living room, but they were quickly ruled out)...then once we picked out the new shower curtain it hit me..."THOSE WOULD BE PERFECT!" So I ran downstairs picked them out and got them all prepared to add to the bathroom walls.

Mom was there, and they quickly were "Mom approved," now they just needed to be "Cory Approved." He's the harder sell these days...tisk tisk tisk, who knows why he just doesn't trust my style sense...giggle :)

He approved them...although, he may have done it under slight duress...seeing as how he had been up for over 24 hours and he was exhausted and just wanted to shower and sit on the couch to veg...either way. They got approved. So I quickly grabbed my hand Pampered Chef tool and applied these little babies to the wall with ease.


Again sorry for the crappy pictures...I was still lazy, at least in regard to the picture taking! :)

So I am pleased and pretty sure that I am DONE (with the exception of now needed new rugs for the floor...as our lime green ones don't match a THING now. haha...I will be done here soon :)

What are your thoughts?? You likey?? I LOVEY!! :) haha!


Becky said...

Oh me likey and lovey it all!!!! No offense to Cory but April you do have some great taste! Now, I know it doesn't always match Cory's and as a married couple; you both have to agree on what is and what isn't going to be. But yeah, I like!!! and LOVE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the shower curtain. Everything just looks so great, April!

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