Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Moan

Cory Writing....

My Monday moan this week has to do with excuses. I hate when people give excuses for not doing things. If you know me you always hear me say, "Excuses are for losers." I really believe this and try to live by it. (don't get me wrong their is a difference between an excuse and a reason why you didn't do something.) To me an excuse is you trying to cover up something or get out of something. Well I have been getting a lot of excuses from someone that I expect to take care of a problem and they are only giving excuses. (it is someone I work with.)

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Becky said...

My Moan this week...being charged an extra 100 bucks for a visit to the docs. I was told that any post op visits were part of the procedure and I would not be charged extra, I would just have to pay as much as I can on the total bill itself. Yeah, me not so happy at the moment; hopefully tomorrow I can get it straightend out.

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