Friday, March 06, 2009

Trouble for the Gosselin Clan???

April writing...

There is LOTS of gossip floating around the webby about trouble in the Gosselin Family. Rumor has it Jon recently attended a College party with some attractive co-eds. A few different things have been speculated...that he was a friend of said co-ed's or was just there blowing off some steam.

Who knows...I just know that trouble in this family could mean lots of I hope it's just simply rumors. You know how celeb gossip is...and they have definitely reached celeb status lately. I am taking into account that Star Magazine is the one that broke the story...and I don't put too much weight into what they offer up to readers...still...I am hoping for the best!

Here are some links where you can read for yourself about what is being said.

Star Magazine
Parents Dish

Also...side looks like that LOVELY new HUGE house they just bought...$1.3 million dollars! I guess TLC and her book sales have been good to them!

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