Thursday, March 26, 2009

Garden plans...

April writing...

For visual's the final design plan...what I would LOVE to see for my front yard in the future. The plants and trees aren't necessarily what I want...they are merely a representation of color and texture for this area.

To help can refer to this post to help you recognize the layout of the yard.

This is the top view of the front yard. The grey areas would be plant filled planters. The tan is the sidewalk, the black is the driveway, and the green area labeled "House" is house! :)

This is standing mid-way up the driveway, looking towards the road. Where the fence actually our road. The tall plant on the left, would actually be something like a clematis climbing the lamp post. The tall plant on the right, would actually be a clematis or passion flower climbing the mailbox. (This will be thin climbers Cory...not like vine.) He's not a big fan of vine-y things!

Now we are standing at the bottom of the steps leading to our front door looking at the front planter. We would add a rounded end with a tree of some sort. Possibly a weeping cherry tree. Then scatter plants of height throughout, as well as evergreen and flowering plants.

Now we are looking from the front of our yard, between the lamp post and the mailbox towards the driveway and our back fence. Remember the green to the back right is actually where our house is standing.

This would be the view from the mailbox towards the right side of the front yard...the front planter.

And finally from the front door towards the road. (again the fence is actually our road)

So that is the basic layout I would like to see in the future!! I want someone to drive past our home and to have it make an impression. I want it to seem warm and welcoming. I see lots of color, green and texture! What are your thoughts?

(And to those that offered so much advice *Mike* and commented, thank you. I know that most of you know my taste and want to see my yard look and feel homey too!!!)

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- Sarah :-) said...

Ooh Ooh - me next! Do mine!! Please please please?? I want flowers and a pretty LITTLE tree (in place of the ugly bear-of-a-tree that's there now) in the front yard, and I need help TOTALLY re-doing th ebackyard, keeping in mind that my dog will probably attempt to pee on or eat any plant that may be put back there. I want my yard to look bigger, not smaller than the 12x12 block it currently is.

Any ideas??

Oh yeah - and I need to put up some lattice work on the right side of my deck to block out my nasty-friggin neighbor and her nosy little self... possibly with some ilttle colorful viney thing running through it to block out the holes? But... she smokes, so it needs to stand up to that.

PLEASE?! I have NO creativity when it comes to gardening. I need ALL the help I can get. And low maintenance plant... you've seen the damage my none-too-green thum has caused in the past!

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