Monday, March 09, 2009

The BATHROOM has been officially SPRUCED!

April writing...

Our weekend. Well. It was busy.

It all started with some chipping and loose tile on our upstairs bathroom floor. The previous owners did a shoddy job of caulking and grouting between the tiles, so we knew eventually we would need to fix it. Plus it just looked HORRIBLE and that part drove me CRAZY. So we decided to pull up the tile, clean it up a bit and replace it.

Well, that turned out to be a bad idea, as many of the tiles had cracks and we couldn't get all the gunk removed from the backing of the tiles...and not to mention there were tiles we couldn't even get off the floor without doing more damage to them.

So then, we decided..."ok, John has some leftover tile we can use...we will just pull this all up and replace it with the free tile...we will only have to buy grout."

Well...with that, came having to remove the toilet and the cabinet, as the tiles were under those items. So with that, I decided that it would be nice to paint the cabinet before we put it back in, to make it look a little nicer. I wanted to paint it black. Cory was a hard sell, but I won him over eventually.

So we went out...bought black paint, grout and sealer and we were on our way. Cory laid the tile (quite nicely all by himself!) and I painted the cabinet, the mirror frame...and we decided to also paint the above the toilet storage cabinet that we had previously bought for the new half bath downstairs and never used.

With all that done we completed the job this weekend. Grouting and reinstalling the toilet and cabinets. I think that it came together QUITE nicely!!!

Take a look!

Here we are trying to decide if this cabinet would look good over the toilet. Note the wood frame around the mirror too...that and the other cabinet will eventually be black!

Here is Cory, grouting the tile...he had to sell me on the grey grout...I am white grout person, however I HATE cleaning white I went for it. And I am very pleased!

And now, we have Cory installing the cabinet above the toilet. This almost didn't happen. We had a few mishaps with the screws and all that fun stuff. My dear husby almost lost his salvation over it. The poor guy!

And finally...the FINISHED product! The floor looks amazing!!! I mean, I would almost be tempted to NOT put down rugs...I mean I will...but for their original purpose of protecting your wet feet from the floor, not just to cover the UGLY floor tile! And I TOTALLY plan on getting a NEW shower curtain (a fabric one) but I just can't find one I like that will match the colors already in here!!!...the search continues!

Here's another view of the vanity sink and cabinet. Everything has been cleaned up and SPRUCED up...all except for my dirty dog (Olive) who somehow snuck her way in.
Her and Pickle were enjoying the Spring weather all weekend! They were wearing the evidence on their fur...little dirty dogs.

Well...that does it! I don't have any BEFORE pictures with me here at work...but many of you saw the before first hand. (bleccch) I am glad that we got it completed and all for just under $75!!! Like I said, this was really just a spruce up job...we DO plan on one day gutting that little bathroom and making a divine new bathroom experience for all to day. :)
One day...ah yes, that lovely day...this house will be done.


Terri Peters said...

Looks good, guys!

- Sarah :-) said...

It looks great, April!! I really like it, a lot!! Can't wait to swing by and see it. :-)

Becky said...

Looking great!!!

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