Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting a little Fashion-forward...

April writing...

According to FoxNews.com and TLC's Andy Paige...the Top 10 Spring Recessionista Finds are as follows: (accompanied with my thoughts in italics)

1. 2.

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9. 10.

#1. "Everyone should definitely have a white jean. A lot of people are afraid of white jeans and I understand, however, it's never the color, it's always the fit. Look for a beautiful, heavy, white denim that fits you really well. JCPenney has a great pair from their American Living line." Originally $55, they're now marked down to $24.99.

Uhm. No...that's really all my BIG butt has to say about that.

#2. "You must have something in your closet that is either neon or Day-Glo. The way for you to incorporate this into your wardrobe is to choose a Day-Glo scarf or bracelet or earrings. A Day-Glo accessory will definitely give a lot of vibrance and kind of a unique punch to a lot of the strong, candy colors we'll be wearing this season." At Old Navy you can find enamel hoops in shades like Atomic Purple and Zing! (a bold yellow) for $5.50.

I don't get this...does Day-Glo mean yellow...cause ewww. Yellow doesn't work on this pasty skin my friend.

#3. "Scarves are the quickest way to modernize and polish an outfit. You can find them for under $15 anywhere. It's a touch of elegance to anything, whether it's an evening gown or a tank top, a scarf is a must-have for spring." This long cotton scarf costs $8.80 at Forever21.com.

Uhm...we all know that I LOVE scarves. As noted here in this post! However I am not down with this u-g-l-y scarf as used in the above picture. blech.

#4. "You want something with ruffles. It can be a blouse, a bag, a skirt. Ruffles can carry you from day to night and can be dressed up or dressed down, it always looks sophisticated and for those of us without a big bosom, a ruffled top gives you more fluff fluff in the top top." This hot pink, ruffled Xhiliration top costs $17.99 at Target.

I love ruffles...I do. However...uhm...how do I say this...large busted women...really have no business adding that much attention that area.

#5. "There are florals all over the place, floral dresses, floral skirts. Get something in a big, beautiful floral pattern." Old Navy offers this chiffon flutter-sleeve dress for $29.50.

Again I am going to go NO...that is majorly u-g-l-y. Granted, the chickee in this picture is pulling it off...but just BARELY.

#6. "The biggest trend in jewelry right now is the layers of bangles, really thin bangles in silver and gold, some with gems, but lots of them. The next trend is really stone necklaces, very similar to what we saw on Amy Adams at the Oscars, big, large stones. And of course, these don't have to be real stones, these can be necklaces that you get at the thrift store." You can find this three-tier beaded necklace at JCPenney for $28.

I get the bangle idea, I do. But I do NOT get what is in that picture. Ick.

#7. "The aviator sunglasses are the hot glasses to have this year. An aviator in a nice metal frame is still going to look extremely hot on everybody." Check out the painted metal aviator for $14.99 at UrbanOutfitters.com.

Totally fun...not something that I think works with my specific dome shape...but I like them.

#8. "Any kind of nautical T-shirt that's less than $20 in a red stripe or a blue stripe or something with an anchor on it is going to look incredible with your white jeans and a simple cardigan." Old Navy sells nautical graphic tees for $14.50.

I don't get it. What I should look like a sailor now?

#9. "Everybody's got to have a cardigan in a bright color. And it's not about the twin set at all, it's about wearing a yellow tank top with a turquoise cardigan and a pink scarf. It's all about choosing a suite of colors, two or three colors that look beautiful together." This ruffled cardigan in "Smiley Yellow" goes for $26.50 at Old Navy.

Now I LOVE the Cardigan...I do. I would totally have one in every color...IF they didn't have to button...another fashion find that doesn't work with these "divas."

10. "When selecting a handbag, forgo the basic black and brown. If you can push yourself just a little bit, push yourself into a beautiful pink, blue, green, yellow or something that is vibrant and then wear it all spring long." This glossy patent bagin aqua goes for $25 at Newport News.

I LOVE the handbags...I will say NO on the green and yellow...but a big resounding YES on TEAL...will TEAL count? I love teal.

So there you have it...how to be Fashion Forward in this ever-slumping economy...YEAH! Now go out there and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND ladies!!! We gotsta be GOOD LOOKIN!!!

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