Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kings TV Show

April writing...

I finally watched the two-hour premier of Kings' on NBC last night. Wow. I loved it. The storyline and characters instantly drew me in...but more importantly...the biblical connection played out in prime time TV...was very exciting.

Here are some interesting points I have found while reading about the show and it's connection to the bible:

In the Bible - David is chosen by the prophet Samuel to succeed Saul as the King of the united Israel instead of Saul's son, Jonathon. King Saul was from the Benjamite tribe in the bible.
On TV - we have seen so far that the Rev. Eprham Samuels visits David Shepherd, thus starting a whirlwind of events leading him to working with King Silas. King Silas has a son...named Jack Benjamin. (see the last name...a reference to the tribe of King Silas)

In the Bible - David is described as having seven brothers and a father, Jesse. David was a shepherd.
On TV - Davis has six brothers and his Mothers name is Jesse. Also, his last name is Shepherd.

In the Bible - Goliath is a Philistine giant whom David takes out with a stone and a slingshot.
On TV - Goliath is a war tank, whom David takes out with a shoulder-fired rocket.

Other connections - TV version actually combines two stories about David, showing him saving the king’s son, Jack, from enemy nation Gath while slaying the Goliath tank, which were separate events in the Bible.

Conflict with the King – Just as in the Bible, Kings’ David eventually finds that his fame and influence over the people will lead King Silas to move against him.

So...it will be interesting to see where this story takes us...as those of us have read the bible...and are more than likely very familiar with these stories...we already have an idea of what's to come...the interesting part will be to see it played out on TV.

Hope you will be watching. You can catch up on the past episodes here. Watch the upcoming shows, Sundays at 9:00 pm Eastern on NBC.

There were many other undertones and things to catch, such as God's annointing being played out as a crown of butterflies on David's head. (thanks Sarah!) What were your thoughts on the first two episodes? Did you see any other fun tidbits?


- Sarah :-) said...

My thoughts? I'm LOVING it! I'm so eager to see how they do the rest of the show. Looks so awesome and the way they are keeping the majority of the biblical themes in tact is fabulous. Love it so far!

Brittany said...

Don't forget Michelle the sister who in TV David and her seem to like each other as well as in the Bible where David marries.... you guessed Saul's daughter Michal. Amazing I tell you. I do find it funny that I have heard people saying that there is no connection to the Bible. That we, Christians are just looking into it too much. Okay.

JenF said...

This show clearly has biblical references. In fact the show's website makes this reference clear."'Kings' is a contemporary re-telling of the timeless tale of David and Goliath" in their description of the show. I also like the symbolism the show has. The cinematography is amazing. I hope the show continues.

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