Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bedroom Shelving - Nobody puts shelf-y in a corner!

Was that title straight cheesy or what? My b. It's been one of those goofy days.

Alrighty then...on to the reason I am posting...I have some great little white shelves that Mom got for me from Goodwill. I loves her longtime. I know what I want to put on the shelves, and around about where I want to put them...but now quite h o w I want to install them.

So that's where you kind folks come in.

I needs opinions.

You ready? Ok...so here's the plain corner of our master bedroom where the shelving action will take place...

Some minor information that may impact your decision...The left-hand wall is slightly wider than the right-hand. So keep that in mind when  making your decision.

Ok...onto the options...and yes, I used photoshop to do this...isn't it grand?! Annndddd....here are the shelving pieces that we have, although in each option all pieces may not be incorporated, this will help if you have any OTHER ideas. (Or if you know the layout of my room and may have other ideas for where they could go.) *cheese* :)

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5
(by the way in this picture those two middle pieces would be together to make a corner piece, even though it looks like there is a space in-between!)

So? Thoughts? Which Option do you like? Or do you have other ideas? HELP! I cannot decide!!

1 comment:

Stephanie.Faith said...

I think option 2 or option 5. I think it would be best to use both walls, instead of just one.

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