Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bedroom Shelving - the votes are in!

So about two weeks ago I asked for ya'lls help to decide on where to hang some shelves in our Master bedroom...and many of you came in with your votes!

Option 2 came in with three votes:

Option 3 got four votes...

And Option 5 got four votes...

I kinda feel like I like Option 5 the best, it gives me lots of space for storage...BUT...I don't know that I have the "stuff" to fill it up. And I think that Option 2 doesn't offer enough space...

Soooo....we are going with Option 2. Just enough space, but not too much. :)

Seems like a nice happy medium option yeah? Now to install...maybe Husby can watch while he is "resting." ;)

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