Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Award Fashion 2011

Time for more FASHION...the SAG Awards this we go...

First off we have the "HITS" from the night...

Kim Kardashian - I am loving this Marchesa dress and the color looks amazing on her; but still can't quit figure out why she was even at this event?!?!

Natalie Portman - Seriously, how adorable is she in this Azarro number? Plus, she was wearing earrings worth 2 million from Tiffany & Co. They even came with security guards in tow to protect the earrings!

Claire Danes - I cannot say enough about this gorgeous floral by Louis Vuitton. She looks stunning!

Angie Harmon - I think it's adorable...but maybe a bit Monique Lhuillier.

Diana Argon - The ever so classic chickadee in a glittering tea-length gown by Chanel Haute Couture. 

Sofia Vergara - This Roberto Cavalli gown with plunging neckline is a big hit...but then again she could probably make a burlap sac look gorgeous!

Helen Bonham Carter - No, your eyes are not playing tricks on your...this is the BEST I have ever seen her dressed, so that slide her onto the Hits list...this time. Wearing Marc Jacobs.

Nicole Kidman - In Nina Ricci, she looked so pretty!

Julia Stiles - I feel like I haven't seen her since "10 Things I Hate about You", but she is wearing that Monique Lhuillier like nobodies business and I am loving it!

Now we are moving on to the "ehhhh's"

Lea Michele - I want to like this low-cut, belted, sequin gown by Oscar de la Renta, but I dunno. I'm just not sold on it...+ I think she looks too skinny, she's been sucked into that Hollywood shrink effect.

Mila Kunis - Here's another one that I want to like...and I kinda do...but this Alexander McQueen just doesn't seem to suit the red carpet in my opinion.

Now for the "Me no Likey's"

Eva Longoria - No. Too Boring. Too cut up.

Amy Adams - Wearing Hervé Leroux and I am already asleep.

Julianna Margulies - This was a very classic and chic dress byYves Saint Laurent, but there is just something about red dresses on the red carpet...I just don't like.

Tina Fey - Same with this red dress by Oscar de la Renta...I just feel like you blend in unless the dress is spectacular!

January Jones - in Carolin Herrera...I think she looks like a lamp. Nuff said.

Winona Ryder - She looks unsure and uncomfortable...just like the dress.

So there we have Hits, Ehh's and No Likeys...what were your thoughts on the SAG Awards Fashions?

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Myya said...

Natalie Portman looks AHHHDORABLE!!! I think I was in 100% agreement this go round. :)

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