Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Crafts - Part 2

Here's another great, and super cute little Valentine's Day craft. My amazingly wonderful Mother knew I was looking for an old Scrabble game and picked one up for me at Goodwill...cause she is super amazing at that!

She got me some great white shelves here.
She helped me find some great stuff for a project here.
She found me this beauty, that I still have big plans for here.
She found me this amazing rug here.
She even finds me stuff on the side of the road, here.

So anyways, like I said...she's pretty much amazing!

So finally, I sat down to crank out a great little project...original idea found at 320 Sycamore.

I picked up a cute little metal heart frame at Target, on clearance...get HOLLA...for $3.98 (regularly $4.99) Then I picked out some sweet heart paper from my mounds of scrapbook paper collecting dust downstairs in the new pantry, the same pantry who's door never seems to stay closed when the Husby and friends work on the basement...arggg! :P

Anywhoodle, that's besides the point.

So I have my paper and my frame. I cut the paper down to the right size...

...I  made sure it looked cute...check!

I picked out the "L, O, V, E, Y, U" letters from the Scrabble game and added some tacky glue to the back...placing them  in order...

                                               L O V E

I sat it in it's rightful place and snapped a few pictures...

I just love it!

So for under $6.00, I have a super cute frame for Valentine's Day...and enough leftover for another fun little project.

You may be asking...So what do you plan to do with the other Scrabble pieces? And, I did have a plan...

Don't mind the background mess in the picture, like I said...I was busy as a bee working on some projects!

I took some old fridge magnets that we never pay any attention to and I cut them up into little squares...then I attached them to the back of the Scrabble pieces with some tacky glue. Let them sit for about 15 minutes and there ya have it...

Some great fridge letters, perfect for an ongoing game of Scrabble, or just some cute little love notes to each other!

I think it was the perfect way to use the leftovers...I even got a "cute babe" response from Husby! :) score.

Great little projecst like this, just make me giddy!!


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Love it!!!

Many Titles said...

What are you doing with the mailbox. I have plans on getting one and doing something on my own. Just wanted to hear yours. Plus, i love that project and what you did with the leftovers! TOO CUTE!

Myya said...

This is the cutest thing ever! LOVE the fridge magnet idea!!!

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