Monday, January 03, 2011

Sweet Polaroid Memories - Poladroid Application

Who doesn't love Polaroids? I remember a friend of mine growing up had one and I was always so jealous! Now I have my own...and it sits on my desktop...well my virtual desktop that is! :)

It's the FREE Poladroid Application!!

Check out how easy it is to use!!

First I open the Poladroid looks like a little Polaroid on my desktop...see I told ya!

Then I select my picture and drag and drop it on the Poladroid application window!

Then Poladroid works it's magic!

And then out pops my makes the Polaroid noise and everything!!! Look, you can even see our faces starting to appear, like on a real Polaroid!

Then it dings to let you  know it's done and waahhhlaaa!

I then took it a step further and opened up my much loved Photoshop Elements <3 to add some handwriting type to the bottom, like you would normally see as a label on a Polaroid!

Then you have your photo!!

Don't you just LOVE it!!! I know it's one of my new favorite applications!! And FREE to boot! Go check it out!!

Here are a few other cute ones I made...

 Have you downloaded it yet?!!?!

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