Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Police Wife - I got one of those calls...

7:58 am: House phone rings, jerking me out of a deep sleep. I missed the call, but could vaguely remember it saying it was "The Hubby" calling.

7:59 am: I picked up my cellphone from the nightstand, dialing Husby's ring...

Husby: Hey babe.

Me: *sleepily* Hey...what's up?

Husby: I'm ok, I'm fine, but I was in accident. It was a big cluster, so I will tell you all about it later.

Me: *still trying to wake up* Do you want me to come up there? *even though I already know in my head that I am coming up to the hospital either way.*

Husby: You don't have to, I can get a ride. It's up to you.

Me: I am on my way.

These are the scary calls that you never want to get as a Police Wife. I am so thankful for God's hand of protection on Husby and his Brothers. When the incident was all said and done, there were 4 patrol cars trashed, three officers in the hospital and one crazy guy locked up.

It could have been so much worse, all of the Officers walked out of the hospital yesterday morning. Today they are sore and with Husby, even battling some numbness in his arm and hand...but I know that God was with Husby and his partners yesterday morning, and I am so thankful for that. I am thankful that they caught the lunatic that did this to them. The lunatic that tried oh, so desperately to take Husby and his partners away from their families for no good reason.

He didn't succeed, he is in custody with pending attempted Murder charges amongst many others I assume. I have never been more proud of the brotherhood of men and women that came to the defense of Husby and the other Officers.

So Police Wives, hug your Husbands today, just a little tighter than yesterday, I know I will be doing the same for mine.

I love you babe.


Brandy said...

So glad he is okay. And praying for both of you!!

t said...

SO GLAD he's ok.

Myya said...

Thank God they are all ok. I cannot imagine the fear that both they & their families go through on a daily basis. I am thankful for those that protect us and put their lives on the line. All of you will be in my prayers this evening.

Many Titles said...

Though he is not my husband, he is a brother to me as well. And hearing about it made me cringe. I am VERY THANKFUL for god's mercy and protection over us everyday especially for those who put their lives in danger. So thankful that it worked out the way it did.

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