Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Inspires You? - Part 2

What inspires you?

Today, I want to tell you why I am inspired by a few of my best girlfriends...

I am inspired by my TT. She's the kind of Momma I want to be one day. She lives for her little Monkey and Beanie, taking the time to create fun activities for them, sew dresses for Beanie, take a picture a day to keep memories and so much more. She's that Momma that doesn't sit still. I am always inspired by her determination to do what she wants to do. She makes things happen and has great stories to share because of it.
She is inspiring me to make plans to always have memories for my children one day too.

I am inspired by Britt. I love her inner adventurer. Even when life gets in the way, she tries her hardest to get what she wants out of it. I love her desire to cook cleaner for her Family; and while I don't always get it, she strives to stay organic, giving Lil' Miss the best she can. I am proud of her determination to pay off debt and work, even though I know she wants more to stay at home and build her business. I know that all her hard work will pay off and she will see the benefits of it very soon.
She is inspiring me to push myself with my business, because as women, we can do what we set out to do, no matter what.

I am inspired by Brandy. She is a home-schooling Mom of three. For years there has been that thought inside of me that wants to home school my children when that time comes. I see the strength she has to get up each morning, make sure her children get what they need to start the day and then she teaches them. Seems like such a basic thing, a Mother teaching her Children; but not only in academics, she sees to it that her children understand God's Word and how to live their lives in such a way that would teach many of us adults how to love God. I can see the benefits she is adding to her children's lives.
She is inspiring me to do the same when I am a Mommy.

Who or what is inspiring you today?


Brandy said...

oh April, you made me cry!!! Thanks so much for the kind words!! You inspire me as well. You strength and determination in everything you do helps me to continue to be strong. Thank you again.

Many Titles said...

Thank you friend. It means a lot to me to even think you would be inspired by my crazy organic ways. Ha ha =) But really it means a lot.

And today I was inspired by music. I spend 6+ hours alone normally on Tuesdays and I always have my music playing. I am normally just busy with what I am doing that the music is just background noise. But today a song came on and it was the right song at the right moment. Music inspires us to think differently, to feel differently and to be reminded of things we may have forgotten.

Terri said...

BB I keep forgetting to come back and tell you I love you...and thanks for all of your sweet words!

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