Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bedding...makes me sleepy

April writing...

Ahhhh the master bedroom...the master bedroom bedding...ahhhhhh!!

I feel like I have been looking here are a few of my favorites that I have found and their prices.

$174.00 at Linens-N-Things
It's cute...and it's the color scheme I am looking for...but it kinda screams blahhh to me...

$149.99 at Kohl's
This is a little less and seems a little more luxurious with the sateen finish. Just not sure how I feel about sleeping on sateen bedding, when we are used to cotton.

$179.99 Bed, Bath and Beyond
I LOVE this set...except for it not including brown...but the black isn't too bad. Husby has seen this in person and he isn't a huge fan of it.

Now these...are out of my price range...but I really like them both...

$too expensive...haha. All items are sold separately...between $70-$250 at Macy's.
Like I said...out of our price range, but it is pretty cute and whimsical...not to sure if that would work, since we are going for a more adult vibe.

$ expensive...all items sold separately $80-$250 at Macy's.
Now this one. I am head over heels in love least via computer. I would have to see the colors in person. I LOVE, love the design...I think it is gorgeous!
But...out of our price range. So I am on the hunt to see it in person (at Macy's) to check out the colors and to find it CHEAPER somewhere else! Then I may be sold!

What are your thoughts? Which do you like?

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- Sarah :-) said...

I don't know - I have the same color scheme in my bedroom and it took me forever to find one that I loved! Word of advice - check Homegoods. The site I found was originally sold at Macys (or something like that) but I got it WAY cheaper with everything at Homegoods and I absolutely love it!

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