Thursday, January 28, 2010

the iPad...*insert gapping mouth*

April writing...


I mean...I am a Mac/Apple lover...although mainly from afar. We only own one iPod Nano and an iPod touch between Husby and I...and while the Macbooks look amazing, the prices are crazy expensive.

But this...

the iPad.


I's basically a jumbo sized iPod Touch...but I It's

It's the most portable mini laptop there is...forget those little netbooks!

Check out the video about the iPad here.
Tech Specs.

It's a bummer though...Apple still finds a way...they nickel and dime you anyway they can...from what I am reading, you have to buy a monthly data plan and there are other monthly fees associated with owning this new little beauty.

But still...super cool.

Guess it's one of those...if-I-had-a-ton'o-money gifts ehhh?

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