Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Puppy presents

April writing...

*sidenote* I am not sure why my pictures are looking so lame this week. I think it's how I downloaded them off of my camera...boo. I must fix that!!

Moving on...

I thought I would share the Christmas present un-wrapping that the pups did!

Here's Pickle tearing into his present...of which I am already pretty sure he knew what it was! he loves this little wool stuffed man that we get him every so often...we call him Chinaman...and no it's not a racist thing...that's what the tag said when we bought him his first one...so it stuck!

Lately, he hasn't been able to have a Chinaman around cause Olive quickly tears it apart...she loves chewable things...and especially ones with hidden squeakers!

...and yes, he enjoyed Chinaman about 4 days before Olive tore it up :(

And then Olive...she took her present and ran into the office and hid in her spot under the chair..she proceeded to slowly bit off bits and bits of the paper till she exposed the prize!

She was very happy to find a chewie...and she still hasn't destroyed it! Thankfully! It has become a TASK to find toys that she CAN'T chew up in two days!

Pickle fell right back into practice squishing his little friend in his mouth, quietly squeaking it. He usually will do this till he falls asleep...it's the funniest thing really. It's almost like it lulls him to sleep...he will have his eyes closed, still slowly and softly squeezing the toy every few seconds!

Merry Christmas pups...hope you enjoyed your toys!!! (while most of them lasted!)

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