Friday, January 08, 2010

My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

Yeah, I know it's been a while...let's just let that go shall we?

This week my Husby rocks because of his support. I am back on the diet and exercising train (yippee) and last night after dinner, while we were cleaning up he said this to me..."Babe just go ahead and plan dinners, make whatever you need to make to stay in your points or whatever. I will eat what you make. Don't worry about asking me what I want."

I just thought that was a really selfless thing to do. I told him that he could tell me when he had cravings for things enough in advance, so I could find healthy alternatives and he agreed to that. Aren't I nice too :P

Anywho...thanks sweetie for being so supportive, I know you know this is a battle for me...but the result will be worth MANY ways :)


Melissa said...

It's wonderful that your husband is so supportive! :)

Deby said...

How sweet of the both of you - both willing to give in order to help each other -

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