Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Garden plans...

April writing...

Ok, so it's not like Spring is here...or even almost here...let's just say it's around the corner and may be here before we know it!

So in order to sustain my sanity through the rest of these cold are some of the plants I am looking at for the backyard!!

I've always loved the look of Weeping Cherry trees...I think they are bold and have alot of character!

Then, I love the Hydrangea Tree...heck, I love Hydrangeas! I just love how thee hang...again another tree with character!

Now for some plants...
These are Freesias. The colors are so beautiful, and you can cut them for flower bouquets!

These are perennial sweet peas...I had them growing up the mailbox last year...they smelled so fragrant and they were so pretty.

These are Blue Prunellas. I think they are so dainty and cute. They would make a great border plant! I really love purple plants too!

These are Ajugas. Another sweet little purple flowering plant!

And, for a taste of the exotic on the East Coast...Giant Perennial Hibiscus.

I am a bit of a geek in that looking at plants makes me SO excited for Spring. haha! Oh well...if my front planner grows in like I think it will this year, it will make last years work all worth it! I can't wait for our yard (front and back) to be the best on the block. (Not that this is a hard thing in our neighborhood!!)

What are your plans for the Spring? Do you Garden?

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