Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going blind...

April writing...

So I stumbled across a wonderful find at Target during my lunch breach on Wednesday...

I talked about trying to find a good window treatment option here.

We have long in 72"(ish) long...and they are short 32"(ish) high. So we have had trouble figuring out what to do with them.

We knew that we needed something that would block out the light...because Husby sleeps during the day. I am one for curtains, as I think that bald windows are ehhh...blinds only is ok...but I would have to see to decide or not if curtains are needed too.

So...anyways...back to what I found at Target!

Bali 2" Vinyl Blinds - Wood Grain

The dimensions seem to be right around where we need them to be to two fit blinds across our long windows...which should work.

Husby and I will be taking a look at the blinds tomorrow I will be sure to take some pictures and share with you if they work or not!!

OH and I almost forgot...the wonderful part of this find...They were originally $18.99 each, and I got them for $9.48 each!!! HALF PRICE!!! Outstanding. And after reading the reviews online I see that even though they are vinyl, they have the great look of real wood!!!

I am excited!!!
Pics to come soon...

I hung two of the blinds basically by myself! I am super proud of myself...Husby helped me with some of the more window to go tomorrow!! Then, I promise some BETTER pictures! Here's a teaser for now (crappy phone pic) find bedding...more on that soon!

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