Friday, January 29, 2010

Going Blind...part 2

April writing...

As seen here, I purchased and started installing some new faux wood blinds in our master bedroom. I love them...and even more I loved them being HALF off at $9.48 each!

Last night we completed the installation and enjoyed and extra dark nights sleep!

Here's the dreaded before...the navy blue curtains that I made myself when we first moved in...and they haven't matched a thing in the room since then...bleeehhhh!!

Here's what our annoyingly odd windows look like all-nekked and what not. Wide and boring.

And then you have that same window complete with new blinds!! Love it!

Here is Cory finishing the other window in the room and shortening the blinds! (They came 64" long...ehhh a bit much for our shortie-windows!

And the finished product!!! I think it looks great. I am sure it will look even better when we paint the room (finally) and finish purchasing the rest of our Ikea Hemnes Bedroom Furniture. (Which we are doing in Brown-Black) We already have one tall set of drawers, now we need the full shorter set, the mirror and the side tables.

Then, slap some new bedding on that queen sized sleep area and we are all done.

...till we replace the carpet...oh my...cannot WAIT for that day...gesh, now I got myself thinking about it....haha!

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