Saturday, January 02, 2010


April writing...

My advance apologies for the mess that was my living room on this random day...I was interested to do a little furniture rearranging we moved the couch to the window wall (left) and kept the chair in it's original location (between dining room and living room) and put the loveseat on the picture wall (right.)

I like this look, it still keeps the room open while providing a couple more seats looking towards the TV (which is located in the corner of the bottom right of the pictures)

(option A)

but then we tried moving the loveseat between the two rooms and the chair on the picture wall...this provides even MORE seating...however it seems to close the room off a bit more.

(option B)

So we currently have it set up as option A...and I think I like it. Just curious to know your thoughts.

And might I add...I had rooms that only provide you will like 3 seating options. We have one wall FULL of windows that really throws off where we can put the TV...although I LOVE said windows...oh well.

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