Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back to the grind...

April writing...

Thanks for dropping by...You're awesome! (even though who ever created the picture above spelled it wrong...)

So, we have been in and out of "Snow-maggedon-Status" since February 5th. Yeah. That's seriously like 12 days. It's nuts. I only worked two days last week. I had a half day the Friday before then (5th) and I was off yesterday for President's Day. We have shoveled and snow-blowed more snow than we care to admit and we are hoping no, we are praying desperately that the snow is done for the season!!!!

I am extremely happy to be back to my routine, a little bit of normalcy. I've been craving it. I felt all un-used and lazy. You would think all that time off of work would be outstanding, but not when it means that 90% of the time you are stuck in your house. Granted, I thoroughly enjoyed it...I didn't have any crazy cabin fever till the second snowfall, when I had to do alot of the shoveling myself cause Husby had to work. Being cooped up + Manual labor = Crazy April. :P

I felt like all I did was laundry, eat, clean, deal with stir-crazy dogs, eat, watch tv, shower and eat!! haha! Thankfully the Olympics came on, and that provided a bit of a change of pace...although they came on as we were able to start getting out and about more often!! Oh well. Better late than never!

So yeah, I am happy to be back...and I have lots of bloggy ideas...so keep an eye out for those!!
For the rest of you East Coasters...how did you survive Snow-maggedon??


- Sarah :-) said...

Uh... that's definitely not spelled wrong in the picture.


April E. :) said...

It totally is..."your" is possessive...they don't possess their awesomness...they ARE awesome...thus you are = "you're" :)

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