Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lovey Day!

April writing...

**Ehhh, don't mind my crappy pictures. (I have been looking at too much photography lately...I am starting to see the downfall in my point and shoot pictures! ha)

So...Lovey Day...Valentine's Day...was great. It always is. In fact, we had TWO days this year!! Husby celebrated me on Saturday and I celebrated him on Tuesday...thanks to work schedules and church! We are used to not celebrating holidays ON holidays!!

So for me...I already got my present about a month new Nicholas Sparks book...cause Husby couldn't wait to give it to me; and I read through that puppy in a week! So, I was eager to see what else he had planned!!

He got me the "biggest Valentine's card he could find!"...

And the typical funny card...while I am sappy, I do love the silly card too!
Followed by dinner at a restaurant of my choosing. He had printed off two menus of two new places and I picked...The Original Steakhouse in Annapolis.

One word. YUM!

It was SO good! We each had barbecue chicken potato skins to start, then a melt-in-your-mouth steak and I added on king crab legs. was amazing!

Then we went out to see the movie "Valentine's Day." It was really cute. Overall it was a simple Lovey day and a great time to spend alone with Husby!

*ehhh, wish I would have plucked my caterpillar eyes before this picture...bleehhh :)*

For Husby's special day...I had planned his annual Valentine's clue hunt! This year I had a little bit of a theme...I made paper fortune cookies that held sayings like "Love is for the lucky and the brave." (He could find that clue near all his police statues; then there was "If you want the rainbow, you must put up with the rain." (He found that one in the shower!)

He said it was one of the tougher clue hunts...I actually thought while planning it that I would take it easy on him!! ha! Guess not!

He got a card from me...with "boo bees" on it...haha (inside joke) a new game; Scrabble Slam, a new pair of boxers...with hearts all over them (heehee) and some love coupons...which, much to his surprise I put an expiration date on!! I did this because he was cleaning out one of his drawers in the bedroom not too long ago and ran across some love coupons from last year that he never cashed in...and I jokingly told him they weren't valid any longer...but he said there was not expiration date on them!! haha! Well, I bet he will use them now!!!

He also got his choice of either Chinese dinner out at Pei Wei (see the theme...fortune cookies, Chinese food??!!?) or Chinese take-out at home with a movie rental.

He opted for the night in!! See?! More simplicity...I love it!

So all in all...we had a GREAT 2010 Valentine's did you spend your Lovey Day??


Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you had lots of fun, hurray for 2 days of celebrating! I love it!

Meadowlark said...

We spent the day tearing down soffit, sanding, priming and painting. Ugh... but a wonderful gift for me. :)

Re: coupons without expiration dates. Husband found some old ones from when the kids were 10 or 11 (BabyGirl is 24 now) with things like "wash the car" and "clean up after dinner without complaining". BabyGirl now says she will NEVER forget the expiration dates!!! :)

Cory E. :) said...

I must correct my lovely wife. She got the Nicholas Sparks book as a just cause gift. Her valentines gift (which she did get early) was her scarf from one of her ealier posts. The one with the pockets on the ends. I will give her a pass cause hard to remember when Husby doesn't wait till the actually day to give you the gift.

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