Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Lovin' It

April writing...

Here we go...this is what I am lovin' this week!

How about this super cute zipper flower bracelet!! I think it's a super cute idea!! And just think of all the different colors you could use!! In fact I have two pink zippers at home that I have no plans for...hmmm...there may be a project this weekend!

(image courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous)

Then there is this lovely headboard/wall design over at J & A and Co. It's gorgeous!!

(image courtesy of J & A and Co.)

I am lovin' this covered patio over at The Old White Cottage. It's such a gorgeous relaxing place!! I want to go there now! :P

(image courtesy of The Old White Cottage.)

What are you lovin' this week?


Adelle said...

I'm in love with that headboard! Super cute and cozy.

Lisa said...

Hello, Just bloghopping. Great blog!

Be Well :)

Angie said...

Love the headboard. I actually have one of those windows, I am gonna have to do something with it!

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