Friday, February 12, 2010

My apologies...

April writing...

A while back when I first got a peek at the new Spring Collection for Vera Bradley; I dissed my fine quilted friend by saying that I hated it.

I mean, I didn't like a single design in the new collection. Which was a real bummer because I look forward to each new season.

Well, I guess I was stuck in the winter blues...and that was BEFORE all this snow...ggggeeesshhhh!!

I got a mailer from Vera Bradely about a week ago...and you know what?

I couldn't...put it...down.

I DO like some of the new collection!!! Two designs to be exact!!

I Love, love, love..."Sittin' in a Tree" and the "Totally Turq" is a close second for me!! Now the other two...ehhh...still don't like them! :P

Here's the "Sittin' in a Tree" design, and the style purse that I LOVE!

It's a new purse style called "Alice." Love it.

And for "Totally Turq"

I love this style...

They also have a new Sun and Sand collection...and it includes prints similar to "Sittin' in a Tree" like this...cute! Like this wallet, and these flip flops! apologies to Vera...I DO love some of your new Spring 2010 collection! :)

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Brittany said...

Oh I liked both of those originally... but I am still looking for something to capture my heart like the peacock collection did.

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