Friday, February 12, 2010

How we do Lovey-Day

April writing...

Our Eslick Valentine's Day history...

Once upon a time a boy began dating a girl, who felt it was just as important to spoil the guy on Valentine's Day as it was to spoil the lady. Thus began, our Valentine's tradition...

Every year I prepare a clue hunt for Husby. It's different every time. One year it was all clues that had to do with our year the clue where centered around pictures. I even did a video clue hunt one year. (That has probably been my favorite one so far...)

...lemme e'splain...

My cousins were in town for a while, and with their creative genius, my goof sense of humor and my sisters desire to be in front of the camera, I created different clues and ways we could act them out. So it was Husby's job to watch the clues one-by-one and then go find the present...that year it was love coupons...(which I realized are basically useless as a gift for him, cause he never cashes them in....hmmm)

Anywho...the kicker to this video clue hunt was that I decided to secretly video tape him while he watched and did the clue hunt.

Oh...boy was THAT priceless! As much as I love to show off that video...I mainly do it with choice friends as not to embarrass poor Husby too much..(there may be some minor nose picking and silly little quirks shown on screen!) It's a great addition to the many keepsakes we have throughout our relationship! I said...each year they are a little different. I look forward to the clue hunts every year and I have a ball putting them together.

This year I have another "theme" in mind for my hunt...but I won't spill those beans just yet! I don't want to ruin the surprise for Husby!

So that's how WE do Valentine's...and for those feminists out there...YES, Husby takes very good care of me as well! In fact it took me a few years to make him believe that he didn't even need to SPEND a dime on Valentines...I told him he could make me something, or even cook dinner for me. I am a really simple gal; and easily pleased! (He is lucky in that regard!) He's not hugely creative; so for me to expect a clue hunt from him would be a bit far fetched, but who knows! He has surprised me in the past. (there was that one time he made maple pork chops...YUMM!!) And I have been completely satisfied with his many Valentine-loving-gestures from the past!

How do YOU do Valentine's Day?

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