Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New carpet...

April writing...

We are in super home improvement mode...checking out options, seeing what we like...and actually DOING!


I hate our carpet now.

It's old.

It's dirty.

It's...gross. (in my opinion)

I am so ready for new carpet...but what kind?!

I am really liking Frieze!! It's fluffy and soft.

Then again, there is Berber...which is sturdy and classic...but it's what we have now...and it doesn't seem as nice.

Then there is plush carpets. Which we had in our first home. It was decent, it was soft. But it wasn't very stain forgiving.

I want soft. I want stain forgiving. I want easy to clean. I want nice.
We will more than likely do Berber in the basement; so I am thinking I want something different upstairs.

What kind of carpet do you recommend??

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Cathy said...

I have 14 year old plush carpet upstairs in the bedrooms and I love it, though it isn't that stain forgiving as you mention. But it's so soft on the feet. In our family room I have frieze and I HATE IT. It looks rumpled and matted all the time. It's supposed to be stain resistant but it's not, it's only 5 years old and looks far worse than the very light colored plush carpet that is upstairs. I do like the idea of frieze, but the reality doesn't match the idea, in my opinion.

Berber is nice but can look like it belongs in an office waiting room.

There are so many carpet choices now a days. Good luck!

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