Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Grammy Fashion!

April writing...

*a little heavy on the pictures...*

Here we go a little Best & Worst Dressed action from the 2010 Grammy's!! (per Husby's request...who knew he cared so much about Hollywood Fashion... :P )

Let's start with the WORST...and there plenty of what the???'s haha!

First off we have...Shaila Durcal...some Spanish singer-songwriter...who FLOPPED in this lavender mess of a dress. I mean seriously...what was she thinking? I mean, it has to be a joke right?? RIGHT?!?! :/

And then we have good 'ol Britney Spears...I just don't have words. I'm just all "whaaaa?" That's it. That's all I got.

and more along the lines of what the heck...Imogen Heap. I just don't get it. I know shes a bit eccentric and all...but...good grief.

and then there's Ke$ha...yeah apparently she spells her name with a dollar sign...classy. About as classy as her outfit. She looks like she needs a shower, for reals.

Katy Perry...I'm not feelin' it. Which is fine I guess, considering Husby hates everything about her. So she can stay on the Worst Dressed list in my book. It's just...an ugly dress and her books look like they are about 10 feet away from her chin!

Oh Miley Cyrus. I know your only like 15 or 17 or whatever...and you may not get fashion yet, but don't you have people to HELP you out?? Let's try and reach for the stars next time and maybe cover your childlike legs shall we?

Glambert...Adam Lambert...(his name makes me think of the sheepish lion...) of course Mr. Glam is not sheepish about anything he does. This tux, in all it's sparkling goodness is a NO.

Shondo-Economy-Auto-Untie-My-Bowtie...(some of you will get that!) Nick Cannon...I don't like the "oopss I forgot to tie my bow tie" accessory. It makes you look sloppy and lazy. Get your act together. I know your wife accepts awards all blitzed and everything, but step up and at least act like you can present yourself normally!

Fergie. Nope. Don't like it. And does anyone else think she looks like she just woke up? She looks...puffy in the face.

Beyonce...I don't like it...nor do I like your golden-locks. It's all a bit bland...your are a diva...dress like one!

Ok...to be fair...I suppose that Lady GaGa deserves to be in both the Best and the Worst Dressed categories; because she definitely works the "what the???" but then again...doesn't she always...so she can also ROCK it. I just have one question...how is she WALKING in those shoes though?

*le sigh* Finally...we are onto the BEST DRESSED...I was starting to get a bad taste in my mouth...

Let's see...can we start with my girl, Lea Michele?! She was rocking in a sexy, one-shoulder Romona Keveza mini, which featured a shredded skirt. Oh she is just such a cutie!

Keri Hilson...who sings one of my favorite songs. I loved this dress, I'm just not sure how she walked down the Red Carpet...probably more like shimmied down it. She just better "get back up" if that dress "knocks her down." :) your welcome.

Pink. I love her. She strutted her stuff in a floor-length ombre dress by Tony Ward Haute Couture and nearly 3 million dollars worth of Neil Lane jewels. 3 million dollars worth of jewelry!!! Wow. She was amazing...and she wowed the crowd with her performance too...which...I have so graciously included at the end of this post, because it is worth it!

Carrie Underwood...Gorg. I mean, isn't she ALWAYS!! This beautiful dress by Georges Chakra was a stunner in my opinion...however this picture; the angle...does nothing for her. Kinda makes her head look massive.

and speaking of other massive heads...Nicole Kidman. Wow. Huge. And no...I don't like her dress...I just needed another large head reference!

Rihanna...I'm glad she didn't take the "hard look" approach...this feathered Elie Saab frock was beautiful and it looked amazing on her!

Taylor Swift...cutie-pah-tootie...can't think of her as much more than that yet. She looked stunning in this fabulous sapphire, off-the-shoulder Kaufman Franco gown. It would have been super hot to pose there with Taylor Lautner on her arm...but whatever...break-ups are dumb.

So that's it. I came, I saw, I envied 3 million dollars worth of jewelry! Who were your Best and Worst Dress celebs??

...and now...for a little Jersey Shore love...(and that's the situation)

Snooki...& "The" Situation
Why are there photos of them on the Red Carpet? Who knows...but I still love them in all their fist-pumpin' greatness!

OH! and Enjoy Pink's HOTNESS. To all those little girl singers...this is what big girls do. They perform AND sing LIVE...and THAT's the situation!


Anonymous said...

Very cute, April! And I agree!
Trish M.

Cory E. :) said...

So I am not a huge fashion dude, but I do like to look at the dresses that some of these woman wear to the award shows. This is the only reason I watch the award shows, so I have figured out I can now just wait for my wife to blog about them and not waiste time watching the shows. Good job april.

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