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April writing...

Husby showed me this blog on his Google Reader tonight...I was grasped by her words and the truth of it all...I wish more woman would understand the truth that this blogger hands out so honestly! Thank you Dispatcher for sharing...I pray more woman hear these words!

"I remember when you called me this morning. The words you used when I asked you how you knew the male that just threw you out of the car and took your purse and phone were "He used to be my sex friend". Do you remember me asking you what a sex friend was?

I'm going to be honest with you - I already knew what it was. I wanted to hear you say it out of your own mouth. I wanted you to hear yourself speak the words as you told me he was a friend that you had casual sex with. You quickly rolled right over saying that 'it was a while ago tho' and even tho you and him hadn't had any sex in the last year he came for you today because he wanted some. I believe those were nearly your words. Do you remember the tears that you were crying as you recounted the moment's that he was trying to have sex with you in the car that he was giving you a ride home in? Even though you were saying no, he wasn't listening. When he finally came to - From his 'gotta get some' state of mind, he was angered you were actually denying him pleasure!

The nerve of him! Right? Yes, what he did was not right in anyway, but look at yourself!

Future Woman listen up!

If you want a man to admire you and love you and think that you are the world in their life then act like it!

1. Stop going out in flip flops and sweats and actually dress nice. Hide your belly button and put on a shirt over the boobs you are flaunting! For goodness sake, I have never met a respectable man that wanted his wife to look like a slut when they were in public! And I don't know any woman that wants her husband to see YOUR boobs.

2. Stop using words that would make even a sailor blush! There not pretty and to be honest (oh goodness my mother is coming out!) If your words are all 3 and 5 letters long... It shows what little education you really have! Do you want your future husband to think your stupid? Not to mention, the words are ugly and what you speak-you are! So they make you ugly!

3. Stop kissing and sleeping with every man you come in contact with! Your future husband DOES NOT want to know about the men you slept with before him! News Flash!! Most men want to believe that they are your one and only! They don't want their best friend asking them.. 'hey did she do that for you too?' They want to please you and not think there being compared!

4. and finally.. A sex partner is a cheap way of giving a portion of yourself away. You will never get this back. You will miss it and you will kick yourself over and over because you did not have enough respect and will power to wait for the man that you love. I know this because that is what most suicidal girls cry out to me! So learn from them please!

And because I have a feeling your mother's and fathers are not talking to you about this I'll just put it out there... Sex is between 2 people that love each other. That have over time developed a bond between them. They know not only each others first name but middle and last and date of birth and childhood secrets! They know where each other lives and what their favorite food is.

Neither one of them would (or have ever) hit the other or called the other bad names or said mean threatening things in any way to the other! And they do not cheat on the other! They value each other!

When true love happens an amazing thing happens: Sex becomes a gift! A special gift that God will bring to you and your partner and it will be something unlike anything you have ever experienced! It only happens once in a lifetime if your lucky!

If it's not --- Then you don't have it! I know this!!

There comes a time when you need to look in the mirror and realize that you are beautiful! Every one of you! That God made you and has something special planned that only you can help Him with!

The future women of this world have the power to change relationships for the better! Stop allowing men to use you for their pleasure! They count their encounters, they brag about them and your just another notch! Stand firm and believe in yourself enough to say NO!

I once met a boy that actually told me things that my Officer said later... were never to be said to a woman EVER! But it was about how they learned which woman were easy! Sweeties.. They pass that info around and their laughing about it!

Say NO to being a doormat! Say NO to believing that 'they need you' or your hurting them or they will go blind! Please the woman before you could see right thru there lies! They haven't come up with anything new in a long time! If the woman of the past could say NO then so can you!

Stand up for yourselves and leave the men that are rude or abusive towards you! Take a stand and tell your friends to be united! You have the power and you don't even know it!

Think of this: If all the woman stopped putting up with the crap that boys dish out and left the men that were idiots and held out for something better...... Those boys that were now alone?-I'm going to bet they would stop being such jerks and start being real men! If they were no longer able to treat woman like scum.

And for the record! I have learned that real men, the really exciting ones that we always dreamed of having. The ones that curl our toes and make us excited to go home every day, you know the ones. They call you to tell you they love you! They sneak a peak at your ToDo list and start completing it for you so they can have a few minutes with you! The ones that would never ask you to do anything illegal, or carry their weapons for them. I have a secret!

Those real men that we (as little girls) used to dream of being married to do exist! Some would say they are the boring or 'nerdy' ones that were in school. Maybe also the one's that weren't wrapped up in some type of clique. They are the ones that always did what was right. They went to school instead of gangs. They laid in bed and dreamed at night of a girl loving them like they saw the jock's in school or the 'bad' kid being loved. I know they exist because I have met them and they have begged me to introduce them to a nice girl with no drama!

You see, they like to make drama together - The nice romantic comedy drama that you see in the movies! They are all about that kind of drama! Please hold out for the best! They are holding out for you!

Something to think about - I once heard a man tell another female that he couldn't see himself kissing the girl he was on a date with, because he didn't want to kiss someone else's future wife!

So...The man you are kissing right now... is that your future husband? Or someone else's?"


chandra said...


i absolutely agree with you....

warm wishes

chandra nagi

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing my words.. It's touching to see them here! And thank you for passing the information around.. We know (woman that have been that age) that these young ladies really do have ALL the power!
Love your site sweetie!!

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