Thursday, February 11, 2010

One proud Momma...

April writing...

My sweet little Terrors Terriers.

They complete our little Family...for now.

I decided about two weeks ago that I would let them stay out of their crates at night. I knew that Pickle was capable of sleeping through the night without any mischievous behavior. After all before we adopted Olive he slept out overnight...but he did create some early wake up calls some mornings!!

Now Olive has had some issues in the past...chewing cabinets...peeing...tearing up pillows, etc; all under the cover of night!

I realized though...if they get adequate exercise during the day, they tend to sleep through the night. And they are definitely MY dogs because they do not mind sleeping in! Bless their little hearts!

Boy are they making Momma (and Daddy) proud!!

I was a little worried with all of this snow...because they haven't got much exercise...

But they are doing great and this is actually where they are sleeping right now...

...and it's normally where they snuggle all night.

Good job pups!! With more power comes more responsibility...don't make me regret this :P

and by that I mean, don't let me awaken to my couches being torn apart or stepping into a pile of...well...anything that would come out of your pretty little bodies!!! :P

1 comment:

O'Nealya Gronstal said...

They are gorgeous! Are they bull terriers?
We have 3 - a black lab who will be 12 - Shadow
a white german shepherd/yellow lab mix who will be 9 (Shelby)
a beagle terror who is around 8 or so. She was a stray as a pup. Still not house trained :( (Gracie)

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