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...this is entertainment?

April writing...

I have been researching what I am going to post about for about 45 minutes now, after reading about it on PerezHilton.com (as he isn't the most notable source online.) I have many emotions running through me about this subject and I want to keep as clear a head and have all my information in line...I am blogging about a new web series called "Bump+."

“Bump+,” which is a faux “reality show” about three women out of about 300 who were chosen to participate in a show that will follow them for four weeks, chronicling their struggle to decide whether to have their unplanned babies or abort them. In addition to following their stories, viewers will “decide how our characters’ stories will end,” says executive producer Dominic Iocco. “We’ve opened the official website to comments and our team will craft the final episodes based on audience feedback. The choice is really up to you.” Viewers are encouraged to submit their own stories and comments."

To be honest, this is the part that got me..."the viewers will decide how our characters stories will end? So you mean to tell me, viewers of this web series decide whether this "faux" pregnant girl keeps her baby or not? Disgusting.

According to the show’s co-producer Christopher Riley, the show is “an experiment to see if a story [can succeed] where nearly four decades of angry rhetoric and political posturing have failed. We’re not making a moral or political statement; hopefully, we’re starting a conversation with the audience.”

I suppose they say that is their goal...but I can't see the benefit of us deciding. I could understand it if they did a reality show that followed the stories of pregnany women with "unwanted" pregnancies...but not the part that America decides that babies fate. Some have argued for this show stating, that because of how America votes, in a sense we are deciding the fate of unwanted pregnancies; but to put it in a reality show format, almost game show style...who gets the prize at the end? What is the prize? Is the baby the prize, or being baby-free?

The creators say that this project is designed to "our single goal is to engage people in an honest conversation, people in both sides of this issue, we want to bring into a conversation that is not name calling, not what we typical hear; An honest conversation where listening is the first step in the conversation."

Other statements from the Creators...

"We chose the reality show medium because of the attraction to young people."

"We want an honest, frank discussion. Only about two thirds of the conversation is scripted."

"The females are casted. They are actresses. We looked for the best match between the performer and the role."

So, you aren't even watching real stories...but scripted stories. Is that not by design intended to lean us towards feeling or thinking certain thoughts about that woman's story??

I just don't get how we have come down to the decision to carry or not to carry a baby has been labeled in any way "entertainment." Which is what they have done. If not they would have done a documentary where there is unbiased filming and the decisions are purely left up to the REAL characters...not the writers and America!!

One commenter on a site I ran across said this, "Yes, let's "start a conversation with the audience" by filling a situation with so many ifs and buts, it becomes extremely unlikely if not completely unrealistic. When difficult if not extreme cases are used to promote the sweeping legalization of what remains murder, the very premise becomes dishonest. In that way, it's no different than parading poor uninsured people to promote stabilized health care, or pointing out rare and unlikely case of self-defense failures to abolish private gun ownership."

As I did, please form your own opinions. Feel free to go by the Official Site of Bump+ and read about it yourself. Maybe even follow along and have your opinions heard, along with the, I am sure to me thousands of other opinions as this show continues.

As for me...I am against it, and I will be doing my best to share my opinion on the matter.

To get you started, here are the characters and the storylines, laid out in the first episode...*the following is taken from another blogger.

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The first episode is less than nine-minutes long, and in it we are introduced to the three women at the office of Dr. Patterson (Andray Johnson). Denise (Isabelle Giroux) is the mother of two who is “addicted” to red candies; she helps herself to all of the red Starbursts in the bowl at the receptionist’s desk despite being told they are intended for children. Denise seems a bit like a space cadet; like she’s on something. She’s the mother of two children and we learn that her spouse (boyfriend?) is abusive. She asks for codeine, then tells Dr. Patterson that when Buzz is nice, he helps her with the children and “he’s a real godsend.” The doctor sees terrible bruises on her neck, which he finds hidden under her turtleneck sweater.

Is this why Denise is considering the abortion of her third child? Does she not want to bring another life into an abusive home? Or is it that she is simply overwhelmed by her life’s circumstances and doesn’t want an additional complication?

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“Jason” and “Hailey”

We then meet Hailey (Lyndsey Doolen), who is accompanied by her boyfriend Jason (Angelo Restaino). Out of all three of the women, Hailey seems the least concerned about the difficult decision ahead of her and more excited about being on a reality show. Her answers to questions by the off-camera producer seem too much like an audition for a part in a commercial. Jason seems just as eager for fame, saying after the nurse escorts them into the examining room, “We did it, we did it!” and rubbing his hands with glee as he looks for things to “play with” as they wait. Sadly, in real life, I can imagine that exploiting one’s pregnancy would appeal to someone who is dying to become the next Kate Gosselin, Heidi Montag or other reality show star.

Hailey has been pregnant before, giggling as she tells Dr. Patterson, “I get pregnant really easily.” So is this really a “difficult decision” for Hailey? And one wonders if she has not heard of birth control, especially as we learn she is hoping to enter a nursing program. Dr. Patterson asks her how having a newborn will affect her ability to carry out her studies. She seems confused, at which point Dr. Patterson asks if she has already come to a conclusion. Jason jumps in and says no real decision has been made, but “we’re good to go on the show.” Ugh. Slimy boyfriend? Yep, they’re really out there too.

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“Dr. Patterson” and “Katie”

After Hailey, we meet Katie (Tina Schlapprizzi). She is obviously the one who seems most affected by the choice she must make. “Once I make it,” she says, “I can’t go back.” She stopped taking prescribed hormone therapy because it didn’t seem to be working, her husband is a soldier who has been sent to Iraq, and she says there is no one in her life she can go to about her pregnancy. She begs Dr. Patterson for his personal views and advice on abortion, but he won’t say anything other than that he is there to “support you to make the best decision that you can.” When he asks her how long her husband has been deployed overseas, she doesn’t answer him – which would explain why she feels she cannot go to anyone she knows about her problem.

I am sure I will watch, in hopes of not showing support, but rather gleaning the knowledge I need to share my opinions on the nature of an "experiment" like this, and I challenge you to make your opinions heard on their site as well!

What are your thoughts??

*Please know that this is a safe-zone for comments, there will be no bashing of other's beliefs, name-calling or the like. Just like I did in regards to this show, gather your information and make your sound, voice and opinions heard if you wish; but let it be done in a considerable manner. If not, your comments will be deleted.*

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Cory E. :) said...

I am completely speechless about this show. Of course I will not be watching it.

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