Monday, September 27, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

I've been following this story.

I watched about 3 of their episodes on TV. It followed them and their life with sextuplets. be honest, they looked like they were headed for trouble then.

More recently stories have been circulating about Bryan being arrested for domestic violence and resisting arrest.

It seems from some of the articles I am reading that they were kind of fishing for TV spots (Deal or No Deal, Proposing on national TV at a Diamondbacks game). Not sure why, as it didn't work out too well for the Gosselins.

Well, now it's not working out for them either...

Jennifer has filed for legal separation/divorce from Bryan after the recent arrest.

It's very sad to see. You have to wonder if the issues were there before or if letting all of America in on your life like that could lead the downfall of a marriage. I wonder if she will follow in Kate's steps and raise the children on her own?


1 comment:

Myya said...

Wouldn't you think that the stress of 6 kids would be enough that you wouldn't want to add tv personality to the list. Geesh, when are these people going to learn!!!

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