Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That ground walked on US!

We wered owned last our floors.

I guess it's our fault really. We didn't do the math. And yes, I do say WE here baby, because we both missed it till it was too late.

We trusted the word of someone, who may not have been our best choice. live and learn right?

What am I talking about?Allow me to explain.

We are so close to the end of our new pantry that I can smell it. Or maybe I still have the lingering scent of our ceiling paint in my nose from last nights painting...after all I was looking up most of the time, so I may have some paint up my nose. Or it could just be the fact that this paint...STUNK. I was...gross. I won't even get into what it smelled like. ewww.

Anywhoodle...we are almost done. Here's our Pantry To-Do List:
  • Build walls
  • Replace Window
  • Drywall & Mud
  • Sand and Prime Walls
  • Paint Walls
  • Paint Ceiling
  • Pull up old potentially asbestos tiles
  • Lay new tile
  • Add base trim molding
  • Sand, add drywall, mud, sand and paint window area
  • Research, purchase and install shelving
Then. We are done. It will be move in ready. Which is good because we have exactly two and a half weeks to get all the "pantry" stuff moved back down into the basement out of our spare room. Thank goodness...finally!!!

BUT...I am getting ahead of myself...again. I do have a tendency to do that!

Last night. Here is what we were met with...our floors after we ripped up the old tiles.

We were gonna lay the new 18x18 tan laminate tiles we bought. Well Husby bought them and ON SALE I might add...I was such a proud wifey that day!

We had 19 tiles. Our room is 8x11 (with about a 4x3 chunk taken out for the HVAC unit and water heater.) If you math geniuses are calculating it right out there, then you are correct. 19 tiles was NOT going to cut it.


Yeah well. We are nothing if not a little hasty when it comes to certain decisions.

Husby and I set downstairs last night to paint the stinky ceiling and lay the tiles. When I looked at the room and the size of the tiles and asked again, "How many tiles did you buy?" My not-so-math-oriented-mind started telling me we didn't have enough. So I asked, "are you sure this is enough?" I was met with a little opposition and defense...and was told that so-and-so said it would be enough. Hmmmm. I wasn't convinced, especially after doing some quick math on the calculator. BUT...we pressed on.


We even came up with a plan to just use the 19 tiles we had and make a trim of those tiles around the edge of the room...since we obviously were short on tiles. grrrrr. But the more I thought about it...that was just going to look ghetto. Husby could tell what I was thinking and just finally asked "What are you thinking? If we need to pull these up and get new ones, speak now." So I spoke. And he agreed. We pulled up the 5 tiles we had already glued down.

yeah, yeah I hear ya...took us long enough right?! least we TRIED to make it work. (thanks Tim Gunn)

We were owned. We let our excited and hastiness get the better of us and we lost.

HOWEVER I would say that after this mornings quick trip to Lowe's to get the 40+ tiles we needed, yes I said 40+. I am more in love with this new tile than what we originally purchased. (those 19 tiles we kept though...we figured we could use in them in the floor of the basement closet, where there will be plenty of tiles for the space we need to cover.) *sigh*

We picked out a more slate tile look this time, that I think goes great with the grey color on the walls! *clearing throat* Excuse me the , Flagstone paint color by Olympic bought at Lowe's. (hey I gotta try...maybe we can get sponsored! haha)

So...all in all...while about 45 minutes was wasted, we are happier now with the tile choice. Husby, his Dad and a friend are at the house now laying the tile. Hopefully he will shoot me some phone pics so I can show you too!

Home Improvement...where there's always a lesson or two to be learned! :)


Many Titles said...

Oooh that really sucks! But at least you got tile that you really enjoy now! And what fun is it to have a story that goes right from the get-go. I mean you will remember this every time you tell that story =)

Myya said...

Uggghhh I hate getting into the middle of a project only to discover you don't have all that you need. Glad all worked out better in the end. I cannot wait till this project is done, it sounds like it is going to be ahhh-maz-ing!!!

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