Monday, September 13, 2010

It's actually quite humorous...

So I was doing a little research out of my own curiosity today about Plus-sized clothing at stores. For example...why the same shirt in the Juniors/Ladies section at Target costs $12, but in the Plus sized section, (now dubbed sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4 instead of 16, 18, 20, 22) is generally found to be $4 to $6 more expensive. Does it really cost THAT much more to make the same shirt? Are you really adding THAT much more fabric?

The industry of Plus sized clothes in itself is rather humorous.

For example, Old Navy, who used to carry Plus sized clothes up to 28 in their stores, now only offer Plus sized clothes online...sizes over 20. Now...go with me on this...and you other "fluffy" ladies will agree. When was the last time you just walked into a store and picked a piece of clothing off the racks, paid and left the store?! HECK NO...we have to...and I mean HAVE to try clothes on. It's not an option. So what in the world makes them think I am going to be able to just know what size I need to be able to order it off the internet? Luckily enough for me, my size isn't included in the "offered only online" marketing crap...but still. For those that this does apply to, I feel your pain; because I most certainly know that I wouldn't be able to purchase clothes from them anymore, given that shopping online was my only option. This isn't even going into the fact that each size is different at any given store. Target tends to run small...Old Navy can run big, etc.

*sigh* that soapbox...if you haven't caught on, talking about this is one of the fastest ways to get me worked up!!

In my research and reading I ran across an article that talked about the models that many of these stores use in their advertising. One was found to be especially funny...Woman Within.

I will just put a couple of examples up and see if you can tell me what the problem is...

See anything wrong with these pictures?? Allow me...p

I would title these..."swimming," because that is exactly what she is doing in these clothes. SWIMMING in them. They're what...a size 10 TOPS!


This one gets me...yeah, it's a one piece...and obviously if you are NOT plus sized you would only wear a bikini and a brave plus-sizer may wear a tankini...but the one piece...that's saved for our big'uns...our large ladies...**yes, those sentences were chock full of sarcasm...** And I don't know about you fellow plus-sizers out there...but my thighs have touched since birth so...this picture...not really true-to-life.


My thighs...have never been that skinny. In fact, I am pretty sure that's how big my arms are.


and last...

Her arms. Uhm...they are the size width of a toddlers...certainly no plus-size woman...the same woman that would need a shirt to her knees to cover all her fat, would have arms that skinny.


It's all so...aggravating.
I think I may need to stop writing.
I think you get my point.

Now, don't get me wrong. If your a "skinny"...I don't hate you.
You see it's just that...well in the words of a dear BFF of mine..."I'm a fat."
And yes, I am a-working on it.
But I just wish that the clothing industry would get it right for once.
Is that too much to ask?

p.s. - After reading my already published post I noticed something that didn't come to me earlier. The website I referenced is called "Woman Within."
Do I even need to go into the subconscious undertones of "this-business-was-named-by-a-skinny-person."


Many Titles said...

Buying clothes for us "fluffies" is really hard! But when I was a "skinny" buying clothes was just as hard. I have never met a woman who can just walk into a store and buy clothes without really trying them on.... now guys... thats all they do and that drives me bonkers!

Angie said...

I am so with ya sister! I think have always been a "fluffy". Although I do remember wearing a size 9 before I got married. Then came kids and surgeries and all that stuff. It is SOOO frustrating! I kinda even appreciate the underwear commercials that actually use plus size (small plus) to model. Now that's a novel idea huh?

Brandy said...

I was actually laughing out loud at those pictures.....Those women were about a size 6-8. No way are they even a 10. and I agree with you, Since having the sweet babies, I have not been able to buy a single article of clothing without trying it on. And then I have to try on the size I think I am, and also 2 sizes larger or smaller, because EVERYWHERE is different. Then add short legs to being "Fluffy" and I am pretty much up the creek without a paddle!

Myya said...

I hate that I can't just buy something & depend on the size to be right. Oh & I hate when you pick up a pretty big size & it still sucks to you, you know revealing every bump, roll & oh don't get be started on the back fat! No size XL or XXL should ever be made to fit skin tight. Seriously stupid damn sizing!!!

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