Thursday, September 30, 2010

SWAP extended!

Hey bloggy friends!

We have an uneven number of people...and so I don't have to sit out of my own SWAP...I am extending the entry date to October 6th!

So...if you are already signed up...perfect. Here are the new dates for your information.

  • SWAP Entries must be made by Midnight, October 6th.
  • You will receive your partners information on October 7th.
  • You must mail out your SWAP packages by October 13th.
  • By October 18th you should have received your packages, please return to the Blog and post your pictures and SWAP blog post on the McLinky space provided!!
Want to JOIN in on the SWAP fun? Read more about it and sign up HERE or click the picture below!!

And to all my FACEBOOK friends...have no fear...I will be hosting a FB Only Swap after this one ends! So keep your ears open for that!

BE SURE to head over to the link provided above and check out all the new dates!

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