Monday, September 13, 2010

VMA's Red, eerrrr White Carpet Fashion

So the VMA's were on last night. I missed them. I was at VERB...however...MTV is known for running and re-running all of their shows, so I am sure I will catch up on it at some point this week.

BUT...I did get a glance at some of the fashion from this year....shall we? Here are all my Boo's and Yeah's!!

YEAH - My favorite of the night, although I may be a bit biased...Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd from So You Think You Can Dance. Lauren was this seasons winner! Ugh...they would make beautiful dancing babies :)

YEAH - And then there was this cutie-pah-tootie...Kirsten Prout. She played the lovely "girl-next-door" on Kyle least that's where I know her from...and more recently she was in "Eclipse" which is obviously what landed her at the VMA's?? :P

YEAH - And there was Hottie Jesse Williams...who plays on Grey's Anatomy (one of my favorite shows)...I have no clue why he was there...but he looks good (minus the shoes?!?!) it's all good :)

BOO - Dane Cook...thanks for trying??

BOO - Robyn. She looks like an alien.

YEAH - Stephanie Pratt and Lo them...especially Lo!!

YEAH - Audrina Patridge...although she looks like the female version of the moon-man in that outfit...I still love her!

BOO - Selena Gomez...she's cute...but that dress is NOT.

YEAH - Ever the dapper gentlemen...NeYo.

YEAH - Now...for some Jersey Shore goodness...Snooki needs to lay of the "T" in GTL for a while...

BOO - and what in the WORLD has Sammi done to her face?? Does anyone else agree...she has had some work done!

YEAH - and Vinny...oh he is my favorite...what a cutie. :P

YEAH - Ashley

BOO - B.o.B...what are you thinking? Good thing your music is hot right now, cause what you are wearing...not so much.

BOO - Rachel Evan

BOO - Jared used to be so hot. Now I can't figure out WHAT you are trying to do with that hair!?!?!!

BOO - Will.I.AM and Nicki Minaj...I have no words.

YEAH - USHER...always looks classy.

YEAH - Oh dear friend...where have you been. Please make some more music or even another semi-lame movie...we needs to see you more!

BOO - Kesha....errr rather Ke$ha...whatever. You look like a futuristic Rapunzel.

BOO - Katy Perry. What is that?

BOO - Lady GaGa...I almost didn't even add her...but she has some form of her own distorted little world. Check it. I give them all thumbs DOWN...weirdo.

Ehhhh...not many greats!! What were your thoughts on the VMA's? or the Fashion?


Many Titles said...

I am wondering if they were asked to wear something futuristic because they were amping the set as an amazing futuristic never before seen kinda thing. But I pretty much agree with you on everyone. And has Sammi had some work done? She looks like it!!!

flask said...

who ARE any of those people? i have only ever heard of two of them, i think, and i fer sure don't recognize any of them by sight!

do they do anything?

- Sarah :-) said...

2 things, actually -

1: I'm impressed that you can actually see all of Lady Gaga's face this time.

and 2: Katy P. looks like she's wearing a figure skating costume, for reals!!

Umm... are Lauren and Kent "together"??

Myya said...

I love fashion ratings... I'm pretty much in agreement with you. Lauren & Kent soooo cute together!!! Jessie Williams... man those eyes, those eyes. I could star at them for hours!

You wouldn't believe the word I just had to type in for verification... where the heck do they come up with these things???

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