Wednesday, September 15, 2010

in the ghhheettooooo

We have our very own "ghetto" in the backyard. It can be found by our fire pit. The same fire pit that is not starting to rust from non-use. You see our backyard got the best of us this year. We had big plans for the backyard...

We were going to finish the landscaping around the fence border and in the corner of the backyard...

I was going to plant a veggie garden like this...

But instead we opted to save some money, pay off debt and do some other small projects. I did plant a potted veggie garden. Out of tomatoes, zucchini, squash, red peppers and green peppers...we have gotten ONE red pepper. Still on the plant. I am too afraid to take it off and try it. haha. I would call that a veggie gardening FAIL.

Not to mention our backyard...for some mosquito breeding grounds. Which makes it nearly impossible to hang out back there, much less do any work out there.


Anywho, one little project I knew that I did want to complete before Summer's end was the area around our fire pit.'s...ghetto.

Please...gander at the ghettoness...

Here's a bigger, wider view of the area in all it's horrible glory...

There are a couple of things to note:
  • Our wood pile is fine. One good mark there.
  • The scrap wood a mess. It's like a cricket brothel up in there too. They are breeding like rabbits. It drives the dogs batty.
  • The fire pit has the gangster lean.
  • There are weeds growing around the fire pit.
  • The fire pit is rusting.
It's just bad.

So...first things first...level out the ground beneath the fire pit and add some pavers for stability and style.

Here's how we did it. I totally planned to hit this project myself and impress the Husby...however I am super grateful that he stepped in to help.

So first, we measured our area and marked the ground with spray paint, then we dug out the space...about two inches down. Oh yeah, we are simple enough, that I didn't buy those sticks you pound in the ground to mark your corners, I used sticks from the ground. Genius if you ask me.

Then, my ever so lovely Husby leveled out that area...with help from me of course. Pickle supervised.

Then we added paver sand...for more leveling. Again, Pickle supervised...even though he would have really preferred that Dad just stop what he was doing and throw the ball for him!

Then we laid down our pavers.

I think it turned out great....only problem is...I misjudged the actual size of our fire more pavers were needed.

Check back soon for the rest of this "Revive the backyard Ghetto" project. :P


Terri Peters said...

I cannot handle it. Cracking up.

Bec said...

OK i totally need some clarification - what on earth is a 'firepit'??? Is it like a barbecue in the ground? But either way I think it looks good!

Myya said...

I can totally relate to ghetto. I had a freakin car in my backyard for WAY too long!

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