Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Guess who's back?

...Hey Ya'll!!

I am back...back to blogging. I admit it seemed as soon as I said I would stop for a month I had ideas on blogging...but alas, I stuck to my guns and did what I set out to do...and that was to take a bloggy break.

Now that I am back, I have ideas...things I wanna blog about and ideas I have...things I wanna get you caught up on and so much more!! Now, if I can't get all your commenting bloggy lovin' goodness behind me in support we will be all good!!

Let's start by saying this...something I am MOST excited about...


Seriously ya'll, I am super stoked about this. Up until now our carpet has been...
gross, repulsive, stain attracting, stinky, dirty...JUST PLAIN HORRIBLE! I hate H A T E big time hate it!

Husby and I feel like we got a great deal and we are jumping on it!! So October 9th, the new carpet will be installed in all three bedrooms. Before then we have to sell our office furniture, which is way too big for the room it's in now. We have to paint our master bedroom, finally! After all we have had paint swatches on the wall for like two+ months now!! We have to finish the pantry downstairs so we can move all the stuff from the spare room, back downstairs!

So...we have some work ahead of us...but we are SO excited...

can you tell?

Anyways...outside of that, there hasn't been too terrible much happen while I have been gone. I will get you caught up with whatever happened and is coming up in the next little keep dropping by!

I have missed you all and I anticipate the rest of 2010 to be a great bloggy year, so hope to see you around!!


Myya said...

YAY for new carpet! I'm a little jealous, I would LOVE new carpet. We got ours about 5 years ago. When I picked it out I anticipated selling our house & saw the light tan as a great neutral for a buyer. We changed our mind about moving & now I wish with all my might that I would have went darker. 3 little ones under 5 make for LOTS of stains on light carpet. So annoying & well looks kinda gross. One day maybe I'll get to move or get hardwood, oooohhhh that is my dream :)
Can't wait to hear all about your projects & new posts to come.

Kitchen Remodeling said...

And your back!...I'm excited to read your new posts!

Many Titles said...

Oh welcome back!!!! Can't wait to see your new carpet

Dispatcher #33 said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you're back... I've missed your blogs so much! I've checked back every couple days just in case you got the urge to write one during your hiatus, but no such luck... however, it was a pleasant surprise to log on tonight and find this post! Congrats on your carpet! Slowly but surely, your house is coming together just the way you've wanted it to. Can't wait to see the finished product! :)

MrsKristinClark said...

I am so looking forward to ripping up our flooring and having fresh new ... so I can only imagine and am so excited for you!!!

AND I have to say ... I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! =)

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