Friday, September 03, 2010

Dollar Store Jeans?

No joke.

Dollar General sells jeans...and from what I am hearing...they are pretty decent.

$12 gets you a pair. I may have to try this out. I have some sort of allergy, hatred, refusal of paying more than $30 for jeans. Which is probably why I have to buy them every 3 or so years. Well that and the fact that my butt grows enormous then shrinks based upon my diet changes shape every few years.

Anywho. For $12. I am willing to give them a shot.

My friend TT posted about them on Facebook today, see here.

Hmmm...nice. $12 jeans...some of you are squirming in your seat because you would never by $12 jeans, much less jeans from DOLLAR GENERAL...well I am not above cheap clothes that cover my body and a little thrifty I will be checking it out.

Although finding my size...will probably be my downfall. Gosh, when did I become such a negative ninny?! :/

1 comment:

Myya said...

Hmmm interesting... a little scarey too. BUT, I guess if they look good then who cares where they come from & it sweetens the deal that they are only $12.

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