Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's time.

Time to paint.

I hate painting. My nickname is drippy for a reason.


Anywho...I am hittin' up Lowe's Labor Day sale tomorrow and saving $5 on my gallons of paint needed for our Master Bedroom. We will finally be painting our room after living in our house for almost 5 years! (and after having paint swatches on the wall for close to 6 months!) haha!

We have decided on the darker color (Green Water) as an accent wall...the wall our bed rests against. And the lighter color (April Thicket) will be on the other three walls. The trim will remain white, as will the doors and baseboards and ceiling. Hopefully a lighter color ceiling will give the illusion of higher ceilings. Not that our ceilings are low...but it's just a tiny room, so we are looking for some expansion tricks wherever we can!

I feel it's worth mentioning again that I hate painting.


BUT, we are finally doing this because we are getting new carpet. (as mentioned here)

So we have one month. October 9th; to do the following:
  • Paint the Master Bedroom.
  • Complete the Pantry downstairs. (One more coat of mud, sanding, painting, flooring, wahhhlaaa!)
  • Move all of the Pantry storage that is currently housed in our spare bedroom downstairs where it belongs.
  • Sell the monstrosity of a desk we have in our Office. (It's huge and we are trying to sell it...cause it is super nice...any takers...errr buyers?)
  • Clean out all three rooms and have them ready to move on what I am not dubbing "New-Carpet-Day."
I am tired already. Anyone wanna help move furniture?? Anywho...pictures of all the fun to come!!


Myya said...

Im with you! I boggles my mind trying to figure out why some people like to paint.

Many Titles said...

I volunteer J to help with any moving you may need. =) I mean someone has to watch the little misses.

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