Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's almost over...

I've made it to the cleaning portion of my sickness!

If you know me. Then you know I have pretty much two grades of the sickies.

Grade 1 - the most serious...
Sleep. Sleep and more Sleep. That was me on Sunday. It's like all my body craves. Sleep to restore health to my body. I am usually up briefly for medicine, the bathroom and maybe come crackers and water. Then it's back to bed. I am not normally very needy when I am sick. More often than not I am just fine to sleep until I am better, with the occasional help of getting water or medicine delivered to me.

then there is...

Grade 2 - the less serious...
Napping and cleaning. I get burst of "your almost better" energy and I will clean something. Usually starting with the bed linens, because I wanna kill all my germies. Then it's usually into the bathroom and kitchen followed by the living and dining room. It's not usually hard core cleaning...but enough to rid the house of germs. And clutter annoys me even more when I am sick...so I normally hit that too!

I am in Grade 2 now. It's funny. I cleaned off the dining room table...it had looked like a hurricane hit it after the Ladies Tea. It took me all of 10 minutes...but then I had to lay down and sleep. I wasn't ready for that much action.

By about 5 pm last night I was energetic enough to make homemade pizza. I made the dough myself. I totally wanted to take pictures for the blog too... but I didn't have energy for that! :)

It turned out great and my appetite was officially back. It's now Monday at 12:12 pm and I am feeling 85% better!! Hoping to be at 100% by this time tomorrow!

How do you handle the sickies?

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